Reunion with the Emberas and Kunas in Panama

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Three Wapikoni participants hailing from the Kitcisakik community in Abitibi are getting ready for a great departure this coming February 18th – to Panama, as part of a twinning program between Canadian communities and those of other countries which aims to create cultural and cinematographic exchanges between First Nations from a variety of cultures and experiences. 

The Anishnabe community representatives for this year are Kevin Papatie and Lina Gunn, senior and junior cinematographers, and Louisa Papatie, elder and cultural representative. They will meet again with Embera representatives who visited them for a five-day stay in Kitcisakik last August. This memorable visit allowed them to weave strong relationships with each other through different cultural activities and, above all, through deep encounters full of humanity. 

For this third training in Panama, Filmmaker Mentor François Laurent will be there for a second consecutive time. This year he will give two trainings: the first, February 6-13, with students from the city of Lomo Bonita who will be initiated in audiovisual creation, the second, February 19-March 27, with former Embera and Kuna participants from the Bayano region. The participants will end their stay with a unique visit to a cultural gathering of Kuna living on very small islands. The participants will thus be able to learn about the culture, language, and current issues of the Kuna, and discover their unique political organization.

Photographs and journals will document their stay. We wish the whole team about to leave for Panama an excellent trip!