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Logbook 2015 - A Most Colourful Reunion (Part 1)

A Most Colourful Reunion!

The Wapikoni stop-over in Pessamit starts off with a bang!

Since day one, the caravan has been cramming with children and teenagers, many of whom were expressing their wish to direct a movie or to participate in one. On the first week, the young artists began the creative process by brainstorming with us, writing down their ideas on paper, working on a first script and planning an upcoming shooting. We scouted locations, we found actors, and we planned rehearsals. The caravan is alive, and we’re having fun!

The Wapikoni movie night and the camera workshop attracted new participants and fostered collaborations between teams. On the fifth day, a documentary full of dancing, music and colours was being recorded at the Pow-Wow. We’re already getting to the end of the stop-over first half with particularly rallying shootings, one of which gave us shivers!

And we’ve received special guests too! Not only have we met numbers of children and teenagers, but the local radio, traditional mentors and the provincial Minister of Aboriginals Affairs with the Chief and their colleagues also visited us.