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Logbook 1 - Pre-production and filming have begun!

Wapikoni is in Friendly Manitoba! The community of Pine Creek has welcomed the Wapikoni Mobile with enthusiasm and kindness while on our first official stopover here in Manitoba. In just two short action-packed weeks, we've met many members of the community and have begun pre-production and filming for several films. Terrie McIntosh, our local coordinator, has been great in introducing us to the local resources of Pine Creek and neighbouring Duck Bay and Camperville. Brent Moosetail, our assistant filmmaker, helped host a successful open house and recruit some of the youth from the community to learn new skills with Wapikoni. 

We've hosted camera workshops within the grades 10 -12 classes as well as an evening workshop for those interested. 

Last week some filming took place afloat, as we filmed for Council Member Joe McKay's film on the history and changes of fishing culture on Pine Creek's Lake Winnepegosis. Two teens, Clint and Grant steadied the cameras and recorded while huge walleye, pike and carp were pulled from the lake. We discovered the century-old stone church of Pine Creek while filming for Ray Sanderson's movie revolving around his life as a blind man as a consequence of gun violence. This past weekend we ventured into the night while filming for Terrie McIntosh's experimental film "When Spirit Calls," illustrating her spiritual journey and her embracing the path of the Red Road. 

Brent Moosetail, our assistant filmmaker is also a talented MC and music producer. He is finalizing a new track with his crew from Redemption Recordz and is aiming to finish a new videoclip during the stopover. 

This coming week we will be filming with Teacher Shirlee's Grade 12 Class at the Minegoziibe Anishinabe School. They are creating an experimental film based around the theme of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. 

Keiron Flamand, a paraplegic visual artist and musician will be filming with his wife Deborah this Thanksgiving weekend to create a biographical documentary around his home and property. 

There is no shortage of artists, musicians and story-tellers in Pine Creek. We've even seen a horse dance to fiddle music while at the Howlin' Coyote music night! These next two weeks will be busy and fruitful, with our final screening planned for October 20th.