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Rapid Lake Logbook 2016 - Part 2

We are in a new location, with renewed energy. Monique has a new heart. Since last week the project has matured in her enriched by thoughts and reflections that only distance allows. Her film now has a title: CROSSING THE DAM

 The list of things to do is long, but everyone participates, even Sonny, Emilio and Warren from Rapid Lake, continue to help us with different things.

 Monique did her archive research : photos from her childhood in Toronto, photos from her summers spent in Rapid Lake. In the evenings, we work together on selecting the images and on writing the narration. This creative teamwork is always very exciting for all of us: Monique shares her story, thinks about the facets of her double identity, Anishnabe and Torontonian. She evokes her quest, so precious to her, to reconnect with her community, to become closer to the women who defend the land and culture ; and the importance to teach her son Liam ... yes, making a documentary is primarily a work of reflection. 

 Katina, a much talented musicien composed a complex and beautiful music using recordings made on the dam. His musical creations enhance very well the rythmic pace, the narrative and the emotions of the film.

 Tyler a young graphic and multimedia designer, and Jordan a a passionate illustrator and animator, both work at Monique’s organization Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (ICMI) joined our team. They work with enthusiasm on the film’s animations, and had the idea to add graphic illustration and animation to the photos which permits to enrich the visual message. 

 We all love the audiovisual work as a team, and each of us puts her/his heart and work to make it the best possible and magic film!