It's summer in Témiscamingue!

// Wapikoni Team

Everyone took out their bicycles and went outside wearing shorts. Darrell welcomed us with not less than an audio-visual studio that he has newly set up with the objective to work on various projects with the youth of Timiskaming. We organized introductory workshops with primary school students, just to stimulate their interest in future projects. As the school year draws to a close, we also went to meet potential new participants in the secondary schools of the region. 

This week, we are starting the shootings of two fiction projects, one by Darrell and the other by Nicholas. The costumes are almost all found, the actors are refining their acting skills; we enter soon in the heat of the moment! There are also two other projects in development. We won’t tell you more, just to keep a little mystery for the next diary! 

Cheers to you, with a Sunday ice cream.
Francis Keesic, Darrell and Chantale