Logbook 2 - Timiskaming 2016

// Wapikoni Team

Hi everyone! The sun is finally back in Timiskaming First Nation! All of the filming is complete after an intense week of filming into the late hours of the night until the birds started singing again. A special mention to Nick who was able to push himself to the limit while acting in his short film for several hours underneath the water of a spraying garden hose (Keesic was the special effects rain wrangler) on such cold nights for June. We want to also recognize Rianne, a 10 year old that was able to perform at a very mature level needed to manage directing a scripted drama that she wrote about the serious topic of bullying. The final screening is in 2 days as we are furiously still completing the final versions of the films. We are enjoying our final days in the community.

See you soon !

Chantale, Keesic, François et Darrell