Logbook 2 - A very productive week

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What a week! The Wapikoni team and participants from Timiskaming really bonded during this hectic stretch of filming. Darrell’s music video, Residential School Syndrome, is almost completed, after three days of intense shooting at multiple locations, with several actors and staff. Darrell really came through on this one, putting together a competent, dedicated team. It was highly emotional at times, the sensitive subject matter hitting close to home; Darrell’s main actor, Ronnie, is a residential school survivor himself. But it was also an immense pleasure to have people of all ages unite around this project, building up a special camaraderie that will certainly show in the final product. 

Nicholas Rodgers created the scary props for the horror sequences of Darrell’s film, and did the make-up on set for the actors. We were highly impressed by his talent and we definitely see the possibility of a bright future for him in the film industry. The main character’s child version, Dominic Wabie-Roy, is a natural born actor, so believable in his portrayal of the abducted kid that he even frightened us at times, only to burst out laughing at our reaction. Without him, there would be no movie; a huge thanks to him, and also to his dad for allowing him to spend time with us! 

Another music video project is done with shooting. Dominic Lafontaine recorded all his takes for his song Red & Black, a superb ballad that we enjoyed listening to over and over again during the lip sync parts. We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity of filming on his aunt’s ranch, among the friendliest of horses. We’ll let the pictures tell the rest of that story! 

Dayna’s film project also involves music, but rather than being a music video, it is taking the form of an intimate documentary about her family’s bond over their passion for country/folk music. We are invited into their world through a jamming session on the veranda, punctuated by exchanges about their views on music, family, and the passing on of traditions. 

Finally, the Youth Council’s film project is practically done, with Candice, Tara, Dayna and Lindsay taking turns on the camera to interview each other about their motivation for their involvement in this initiative. We learn about their views on the community, the issues and challenges that the youth are facing, and their perspective for change in order to assure a healthier future for Timiskaming.