Logbook 3 - Come join us at the public screening!

// Équipe terrain

Our last week in Timiskaming First Nation already! Time flies by so fast... 

Shooting is over for Darrell's film and Dominic's, with these projects now at editing phase, while we are still finishing production on Nicholas Rodgers' monster movie, now titled "The Guest". Nic has learned the stop-motion software and the different techniques to animate his monstrous creations, made out of clay, fur, and a heap of talent! The film has a hidden meaning, relating to Algonquin history, but can also be fully appreciated in its first degree: a comedic horror film showcasing an animation technique known as "pixilation", where a live actor is photographed frame by frame. This process is long and tedious, especially so for our main - and sole - actor, Philippe Mathon, whose generosity and patience have been crucial to accomplish the desired effect. Nic and the team are extremely grateful for his involvement! 

Another indispensable element to The Guest is of course the amazing location where it is shot: a 1920's house left completely untouched, filled with pre-war paraphernalia. The place is a historian's goldmine, and we are very lucky to have been allowed to film there, thanks to the generosity of its wonderful owner Fernand. Merci Fernand! 

The public screening will take place at 6:00 PM this Sunday, March 29th, at the Community Hall. Come join us! Miigwetch!