Logbook - Film Projects Are Well On Their Way

// Équipe terrain

We are already two weeks into the Timiskaming winter stopover, and the current film projects are well on their way to completion. Dominic Lafontaine's mockumentary, On A Hot Cold Night, is taking the talented filmmaker to various, colorful individuals around the community, who tell stories about a fictional character named Regis Fontaine, a true Northern soul who embodies the rugged personalities of the region. More than just a comedy, the film aims to represent how ordinary anecdotes tend to transform into myths and legends as they are told orally throughout generations. Nicholas Rodgers' stop-motion horror film, Monster, is another beast entirely and will showcase the filmmaker's unique talent for special effects. It tells the story of a trapper who finds and rescues an exotic animal, only to discover it is cursed with an insatiable appetite. Our third project is yet another music video for Darrell McBride's band, Mustapio's Magical Murder Music. Those familiar with Darrell's approach to filmmaking will not be surprised that, once again, it will be a highly eccentric video! Mustapio's song "Big Brother" tackles the question of privacy and surveillance in our modern, technological world. Darrell's imagination seems to know no limits, and his enthusiasm is contagious as always, with dozens of volunteers offering their time and talent in order to make his vision come true. We even shot some scenes in Cobalt's Military Museum, which we strongly recommend you visit if you are ever in the area! Darrell also got some help on camera by first time participant Deandra, a young artist with a natural eye for film and photography. We also had our second workshop at Kiwetin primary school, and were very impressed by the students' level of interest and the quickness of their learning skills with the camera. Next week will be dedicated to editing, so hurry up and contact us if you want to present a film project! Miigwetch!