Logbook 1 Uashat mak Mani-Utenam 2016 - In tune with Innu Nikamu

// Équipe Wapikoni

You're here, I'm here, That’s is in your home, That you make me, Hear the Earth. Josephine Bacon 

Kuei Kuei! We have just spent our first week in Mani-Utenam. The studio has received a warm welcome, and we find that the trust between Wapikoni and the community is very strong. From the first days we felt the enthusiasm of the visitors to the studio and we have already started to shoot some projects. 

Mani-Utenam is a vibrant community, where voices are strong and where there are many stories. In a few weeks we will have the chance to see some of them on the screen: an animation project, a slam, a letter to a child who will soon come to the world, and other surprises. 

The whole community was in tune with Innu Nikamu which takes place this weekend. This is one of the most important music and Indigenous art festivals in North America. 

Within the team, the atmosphere is good. Christopher our filmmaker assistant is always here and Maikeniss, our local coordinator, brings good humor in the studio. Cecile and Moussa, who are here for the first time, are awed by the community, while Genevieve, who’s already acquainted with the place, takes them around and introduces them to the famous “Club Crawb”.