Geese, Rainbow Showers And Cinema!

// Équipe terrain

Logbook – Week 1 and 2 

Geese and rainbow showers have traced the path to the fifth stop-over in Unamen Shipu. Yes. Five years already that the Wapikoni keeps returning here and is slowly becoming part of the vast and beautiful landscape of the place. The entire community welcomed us with open arms and began shooting movies even faster than usual. Alexandre is back with his humor of its own and a series of absurd sketches. Anna has been working on a sweet song in memory of her mother who passed away not long ago. Jenny is here with us every day and cannot wait for her film about sisterhood to be completed. And a documentary about the lobster fishing will be shooted at the end of next week. In addition, we went to the Olamen High School where we gave workshops about the cinematographic language and did capsules on prevention at sea. We also decided to make a "bikers" film with our younger participants for them not only to stretch their legs but also to understand how to make a movie! 

Fingers crossed, the radiant and bright sunshine of the Lower North Shore will accompany us to our next shooting. In short, spring has arrived here too and some moving, humorous and beautiful films are about to arise. We can not wait to share them with you!