Lobsters and birthday party!

// Équipe terrain

The latest weeks, time has flown away even faster than the winds of the Lower North Shore, forcing us to rush to get through the last miles of this stopover. In collobaration with the Unamen Shipu Health Centre, the whole Wapikoni team with its local cameramen/sound recording crew have had the chance to make an epic film about the the Innu way of fishing lobster. 1 whole day, 4 boats, 14 people, aged between 6 and 60. Sound recorders jumped from boat to boat with their perch in hand. Cameramen were sometimes hunting for lobsters (more than 60 taken during the day) and sometimes fishing for lobsters (more than 8 hours of shooting). Elders led us on a lost island in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to eat fresh lobster and they used the camera to promote the healthy traditional diet. In short, it was a wonderful adventure! So many images were taken that two short films were made and screened at a magical projection on May 31st. 

We also decided to celebrate the five years of Wapikoni workshops in Unamen Shipu during the screening that marked the end of the stopover. The room was full to the brim! There was monster buffet kindly offered by the Health Centre. Fifty fireworks exploded in front of the full moon. And of course, several films were presented. 5 short films in all. 4 exercises done with young participants and elders. And a retrospective of the films made the years before. Tears and laughters were at the rendezvous. And the evening was mesmerizing. The best projection to date in Unamen Shipu! Expectations are very high for next year. And already, we are expected to come back… which we deeply hope. Iame.