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The big day has arrived!

// Cynthia Smith

It's been five weeks since the Wemotaci participants began their creative work to share with you a part of themselves: their art. And this moment finally arrived! The participants will present the result of their generous work, produced with their heart, on Wednesday June 1st, at 5:00 pm, on the top of the arena. Great festivities will go with the projection: free BBQ, music and movies will be waiting for you! Wemotaci directors : Myrann Newashish, Steven Chilton, Jessica Vollant, Laura Niquay et Brian Coocoo, already feel the jitters of the pre-screening, mixed with the pride of their accomplishment as time goes on. The team of the Wapikoni Mobile is so proud of you! The Wapikoni adventure is not only artistic and educational, it is also a human encounter, friendly, full of generosity and giggles! Mikwetc for making this stop a memorable moment for all of us, dear Wemotaci! Kisakihitin, Matcaci:)