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The Wapikoni Adventure - part II

The Wapikoni magic

One full week! That’s all we have to finalize the movies of our dear Wemotaci Atikamekw directors! We’re freaking out a little bit, because there is always unplanned issues appearing and because nothing ever happens as in Walt Disney movies. But I guess that’s what the Wapikoni Mobile magic is all about! We need to cope with all the setbacks, technical breakages, deadlines as well as our own moods, which sometimes flirt with craziness how we want everything to be perfect.


Another challenge we had to face was the departure of about 120 kids and teenagers from the community who went to inter-bands aboriginal games at Mashteuiatsh. During the stop-over’s first two weeks, our regulars were coming back every day and then WOOF! Everyone was gone. We all got really bored, because life was missing in our caravan. Luckily, other visitors filled the gap left by the missing youth and we made great encounters.


We’ve been touched by all the people we met on our way during the Wemotaci stop-over because of their generosity and their authenticity. After all, the Wapikoni adventure, outside of the cinema aspect, is to go out and meet other people, to open up to a whole new world and to share who we are. We each had to adapt to different situations, but each of us acted with courage, getting out of our comfort zone and taking risks trying to do things differently.


It’s a trial and error process, sometimes discouraging, but so gratifying when we take the time to look back at what we’ve done and at all the detours we took to get to these results. The end of the stop-over is coming soon. Stress and weariness are beginning to have an impact on us, but we all hold on to the perspective of the stop-over climax: the final screening. Jackie Basile, Bryan Coocoo, Steven Chilton, Laura Niquay and a newcomer, Jessica –who’s directing a movie about drugs and alcohol prevention- will all be presenting their movies on that special evening.


During the past few days, the Wapikoni Mobile team hasn’t been lazing! Indeed, we shot Laura Niquay’s music video at the Poisson Blanc, filmed a few scenes from Jessica Volant and Steven Chilton’s movie, translated Bryan Coocoo’s movie and recorded Jackie Basile’s movie and the movie Awacic narrations. Movies are slowly taking shape, despite the fact that there is still much work to do before the screening. Right now, directors and mentors are working really hard in the editing room to choose the sounds and images for each of the Wemotaci stop-over movies, which will be screened at 8pm, July 16 at the Youth Center. This event is not to be missed!


P.S.: Who have no reason to miss the screening, because we managed to move the bingo night on Wednesday! J