Log Book 2 - Ready for screening!

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Aanii! The Wapikoni team is proud to announce that the films created this month in Wikwemikong are completed! We are now working on the finishing touches, such as the end credits and subtitles. A huge miigwetch goes to Alex Fox, Debbie Mishibinijima and Kyle Corston for their precious assistance during editing. You guys really put in the hours and it clearly shows in the final product! 

On the music side, Elliott Simon's involvement has been invaluable, as our sound booth has become more popular than ever. He is producing a compilation of rap songs by a dozen of gifted young rappers, mobilized by second year participant Michael Oshkabewisens. Elliott also recorded songs by Adam Kaboni's traditional drum group, as well as some soundscapes by different artists to be used on the films. 

The public screening of the films will take place on Tuesday, September 16th, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Nimkii Bineshii park. Live musical performances will open the event, and at sundown we will show three films made in Wiky by local participants, one music video by the band Ten Mile Point, as well as Wapikoni films from other communities. 

This year, the Wikwemikong films are all about culture! First we have Kyle's film on traditional ash basket weaving, which was produced thanks to the involvement of Amikook Elder Center. There is also a film by the Lands Department, directed by Alex Fox, on the revival of the ancient art of wild rice harvesting. And finally Debbie's film, which approaches the topic of language preservation from an intimate, family point of view, will conclude what we think will be a memorable evening. Baamaapii!