Wiki 2015 - Film projects are already pouring in!

// Équipe terrain

Wapikoni’s third stopover in Wikwemikong, located on the mythical island of Manitoulin, Ontario, has started only a week ago, but as soon as the trailer was set up, film projects were already pouring in. Too bad the rain decided to start pouring, too… But that’s no problem! We made good use of the rainy days by setting up exhaustive pre-production meetings for the many film projects of our participants. 

First, the team met with Daniel and Harvey, two archers who wanted to make a film about their cultural relationship with the bow. As soon as the weather allowed for it, we went with them to do some test shots on how to capture the drawing and loosing of their arrows, sometimes putting the cameras right next to their target (we were that confident in their skill!). 

Next, we met with our friends from the Lands Department, the group that made a film about wild rice harvesting last year (Mnoomin, directed by Alex Fox). This time they want to share their initiative to secure the many abandoned oil wells found on the island that represent an environmental hazard. One of their new interns, Leo, will spearhead the project. 

We also met again with Debbie, who directed the film City Girl, Rez Woman last stopover. She wishes to make another film involving her family and her personal quest to reclaim the traditional knowledge of her culture. We already had a chance to go out shooting with her family, following her father who collects medicinal herbs. We got to learn about different homemade concoctions, including a surprisingly efficient – and odorless – bug repellent that definitely helped us finish the shoot without getting eaten alive by the black flies! 

Finally, we had a visit from Gerry Kaboni, a talented singer-songwriter who wanted to shoot a video for his latest song, Missing, about the disappearing of aboriginal women. His friend Sheena is on board and they are writing a script together; shooting should start soon. 

All these wonderful projects will be presented to the community on June 4th at the Wikwemikong Arena. To be continued!