Anna-Sheila Bellefleur

Anna-Sheila Bellefleur

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  • Community: La Romaine
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Anna-Sheila Bellefleur, born in 1987, is native of the Innu community of Unamen Shipu, La Romaine. In 2006, she starts to sing in a local music ensemble. Since then, she performs in Shefferville, Natashquan, Uashat mak Mani-Utenam and Pakua Shipi. A mother of three children, she loves to do outdoor activities with them. In 2011, Anna-Sheila started off in movies by directing Mamu, a video clip of her own song. In 2013, she continues with Innu Atukun (Sacred Remedies) and Menuenniun (Greater Well-Being), her first two documentaries inspired by the culture of her nation. In 2014, she takes part in the TV show Le Rythme, where she improved her skills as a singer-songwriter and composer. The show has been aired at APTN (Aboriginal People Television Network) in September 2015. In 2015, she directs Iame with the Wapikoni team: a touching tribute to her mother.