Edouard Kaltush

Edouard Kaltush

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  • Community: Nutashkuan
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Edouard Kaltush has been a youth addiction worker at the Nutashkuan Health Centre for 25 years. He loves to fish and hunt the traditional Innu way as well as crafting traditional show shoes and other material one can use while hunting/fishing. He tirelessly teaches young people from his community the wealth of their traditional culture. He sees his two films with Wapikoni, Ashatsheu-Kushkan Anite Pineuatshi (Pineuatshi’s Hook) and Uenutishiu Katshapitesh (The Usefulness of Water Heaters) as powerful tools to pass down his knowledge. We hope this is only the beginning of a long series of educational films. Atshen mak innu-auass (The Giant and the Kid) (2019), is the third film he made with the Wapikoni and the most recent of a series of shorts meant to teach young and old community members Innu practices and culture such as making a wood stove or lobster fishing. He also loves to use storytelling to pass on teachings and hosts workshops at the local school.