Ginette Wabanonik

Ginette Wabanonik

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  • Community: Lac-Simon
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Ginette Wabanonik was born in Senneterre on April 1st, 1965. She spent 10 years there before moving to her community of Lac Simon. As a child, she was taken from her family and placed into foster care, but her father's relentless search for her let to their reunion two weeks later. He's been her personal hero ever since and Ginette says that she learned everything from him, from his strength to the love she's able to give her children and relatives. In 1995, a few years after a tragedy that scarred her for life, she got back up and became a firefighter. She also earned a truck driver's licence. As a warrior, she keeps overcoming life's hurdles without ever wallowing in self-pity. She collaborated with Wapikoni for the first time in 2018.