Grade 12 E.L.A.

Grade 12 E.L.A.

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  • Community: Pine Creek
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The Minegoziibe Anishinabe Grade 12 E.L.A. students come from the communities of Pine Creek and Duck Bay, Manitoba. Marti McKay (1998), Peyton McKay (1998), Brodielyn Nepinak (1998), Morgan Nepinak (1996), Dean Parenteau (1996), Shenise Pelletier (1996), Tyson Thompson (1997) together under the guidance of their teacher Shirley Nepinak (1972) made their first debut with Wapikoni Mobile. The film was inspired after the students read the novel, « Conspiracy of Silence », about the murder of Helen Betty Osborne, a young woman from Norway House, Manitoba.