Jared Peltier

Jared Peltier

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My Name Is Jared Peltier. I am 19 years old and I am the father of a five months baby girl. When I moved back to Wikwemikong in 2009, I realized that most kids didn’t have anything to do. I asked myself « what can I do for them »? Then I got and idea. As most kids love to ride bikes, my partner and I decided to build a bike park for them. What we want is to prevent accidents and keep the youth motivated. 

I got on my first bike track when I was 8 or 9 years old. I was living in Toronto at the time. When I was there, I met Mike Heaton. He was a great inspiration for me as he built a bike park for kids as well. He is the one who showed me how to build ramps and I learned a lot as I gave him a hand. 

Wapikoni was a big help for this project. We had a plan but didn’t know how to make it work. Without the video we made, not much people would know about the bike park. Now, it can be viewed and maybe other communities will do the same for the kids. We especially hope for these kind of initiatives in small town’s, as the kids are always on bikes there.