Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw

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My name is Joshua Shaw and I am 23 years old. I was born in sudbury, ontario. I grew up in Toronto, but the other half of my life was spent here, in Wikwemikong. I first got into BMX biking when i was around 11 and I’ve been doing it ever since. Throughout my life I’ve seen and had to deal with a lot of problems such as family trouble, racism, drugs, mental illness. At some point, even having a place to eat and sleep was a problem. BMX was/is kind of my escape from all of it. It didnt matter if I had something to eat, a place to sleep or if someone made me angry or sad. It would just be me, my bike, and a mp3 player. BMX has kept me humble and on the straight and narrow in my life. 

I’ve graduated high school and even attended college courses. If I didnt have BMX in my life, I could be in jail, or even worse. As BXM was a good outlet in my life, I thought it could be helpful for others too. So my friends and I thought about about opening an indoor skatepark on the reserve that would welcome BMX, skateboards, rollerblades. At first, we didn’t take it seriously because it seemed too big. But after thinking about it, I can see in it nothing but good for the community. So we put the plan in action.