Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca

Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca

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  • Community: Pérou
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This 15-year-old young man lives with his mother and three younger sisters in San Martín de Hercomarca, one of the communities of the province of Vilcas Huamán, department of Ayacucho, Peru. Adept at handling cameras, he also has a natural curiosity and an enthusiasm that drove him to learn about audiovisual production. In 2013, his mother directed the short film Mirada de mujer [A Woman’s Look], a testimony of the domestic violence that plagued her life. Motivated by this experience, Kevin also chose to get involved in the production of short films. Anderson and Kevin are cousins. Together they decided to capture some of the knowledge of their grandfather, which they unveil in their short film Trenzando saberes.