Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo

Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo

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  • Community: Montreal
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Kijâtai was born in Val-d'Or to a white mother and an Indigenous father. Having studied cinema in college, she is now part of the Wapikoni office team. Currently in the process of cultural reappropriation, she works to raise awareness on Indigenous realities at conferences, workshops and festivals. Her mother being a psychoeducator in the community of Lac-Simon, she is very familiar with First Nations realities both in her community and in urban areas. Kijâtai is also part of the two-spirited circle of Montreal, which allows her to be even more involved in Montreal's urban Indigenous LGBTQIA2S + community. She participated in the 18th session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York with the Wapikoni delegation in late April 2019.