Maïlys Flamand

Maïlys Flamand

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  • Community: Manawan
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Maïlys Flamand was born in Roberval and is originally from the Ilnu and Atikamekw Nations. Since 2017, she’s directed three experimental shorts with Wapikoni: in Manawan, at Concordia University and with the virtual studio. Her creations explore and deepen a subject that is dear to her: Belonging to several places at once. Not only is Maïlys a filmmaker at Wapikoni, but she has also worked there as a local coordinator, as a facilitator of outreach workshops and as a visual designer for the Natakanu project. Since moving to Montreal in 2019, she has been active in the urban Indigenous community, having chaired the Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM and served on the Conseil jeunesse de Montréal Autochtone. With a college diploma in visual arts from Trois-Rivières and a certificate in Indigenous youth intervention from UQAC, Maïlys has been working as a cultural facilitator since February 2020 at Native Montreal.