Oshim Ottawa

Oshim Ottawa

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  • Community: Manawan
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From a very young age, Oshim has been a passionate about music. His brother taught him how to play notes on a guitar until he mastered them. His education took place in French at the elementary school Simon Pineshish-Ottawa. He was not the best, but he was always able to finish his homework. In 2015, he finished the fifth grade at the Otapi high school. During his schooling, he got involved in the Student council for two consecutive years. He also did several projects with ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité (TOGETHER for the respect of diversity) that promotes the respect of differences and aims to build an environment that is free of discrimination and intimidation. With Wapikoni mobile, he learned the different stages of short film production. For 6 years now, he has been participating in the production of video clips. Metapeckeka is his first personal production and he is very proud of it.