Pío Mendoza Quispe

Pío Mendoza Quispe

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  • Community: Pérou
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Now 46 years old, Pío lives in San Martín de Hercomarca, a village in the andean province of Vilcas Huamán, department of Ayacucho, Peru. An indigenous communicator, currently president of the Quechua Indigenous Communicators Network of Vilcas Huamán, he took part in both phase one and two of the audiovisual training process, along with many indigenous youngsters. He directed his first short film in 2013: Llaqta Runa Kay – Ser Comunero [Being a Villager] was shot as part of his training, highlighting the life experiences of his community from his point of view as a communicator. Fiorela, Lizbett and Pío, together directed the short film Minkakuy in an attempt to acknowledge and give value to collective work, a practice that is gradually being lost. This production received the support of the villagers of community of Hercomarca.