Power of the Lens

Power of the Lens

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  • Community: Drag - Tysfjord
  • Nation:



The project “The Power of the Lens: Building bridges for cross-cultural video-mediated Indigenous research on territory, identity and biocultural diversity” collaborates across six distinct Indigenous communities of Kitcisakik (Anishinaabe, Québec), Manawan (Atikamekw, Québec), Barrier Lake (Anishinaabe, Québec), Llaguepulli and Malahue (Mapuche, Wajmapu), Drag (Sami, Norvège), Kuna and Emerba (Panama). This action-research-creation project investigates how community filmmaking can be harnessed as a tool for Indigenous research that addresses the shared preoccupation of territory, by undertaking video-mediated research with community researcher-filmmakers. The project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (CRSH # 435-2015-1256).