Sajeda AlSmadi

Sajeda AlSmadi

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  • Community: Jordan
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Sajeda grew up in Ajloun, Jordan. From 2009 to 2015, she lived in Ma’an, in the south of Jordan, while she studied engineering – she then returned home to Ajloun. In 2018, she had the opportunity to participate in Tabir project and to make a short film. This experience was a unique and unusual experience for her. She had the opportunity to develop many ideas and concepts related to youth's skills, self-esteem, and gender during her participation in the project, in addition to learning new skills and techniques in filmmaking. Sajeda said that Tabir made her become aware of the importance of culture in society and gave her the opportunity to highlight her own culture through a short video made by young men and women from her region. She realized the importance of teamwork, the distribution of roles, and the sharing of experiences within the team in order to achieve joint success.