Shane Kelsey

Shane Kelsey

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Projek Toombz aka Shane Kelsey was born in Toronto, Ontario and in his early years, moved to Montreal, Quebec. Having been raised in the city, he was influenced in early life by hip hop and rap music. He freestyled with friends on a regular basis while learning the art of rapping, and later came to writing his own lyrics. When he reconnected with his old friend the “Curse”, they decided to form “Northern Collection” and offically became a group in June of 2012.

Northern Collection is an up and coming hip hop group located in Montreal, Quebec. Among many other topics, Projek Tooms and The Curse prefer to rap about issues in contemporary society. They are influenced by various musical genres ranging from Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, and Jedi Mind Tricks to classic rockers like Elvis, The Beatles, and The Doors. From their point of view, a true musician can listen to and understand all kinds of music. For Northern Collection, hip hop is an art form that allows them to express what is in their minds. It is a way to speak up about injustice, as well an inspiration for youth to go out into the world and acheive their goals and dreams.


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