Sid-Otis Cheezo

Sid-Otis Cheezo

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  • Community: Lac-Simon
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Sid-Otis Cheeze lives in the Anishnabe community of Lac Simon. He started collaborating with Wapikoni Mobile as an actor in Kris Happyjack’s 2009 film “Windigo”. He then started working on his own projects and co-directed “Triple Play” in 2010 before directing two shorts “Delivery” (2010) and “A New Beginning” (2011), which was a challenging experience. He wrote the script, was full of great editing ideas and scouted many locations. He overcame his shyness and recorded the narration. But he kept being hit by bad luck: a car accident, fighting accidents, missing props, -30 weather, and friends abandoning him along the way. Despite all this, Sid persisted and managed to finish his film. His latest project is called “Stoner”.