Tara Willard

Tara Willard

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  • Community: Splatsin
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Tara Willard is from the Secwepemc Nation, with paternal grandmother from Splatsin and paternal grandfather from Neskonlith, Secwepemc communities. Her maternal grandparents (Irish and Scottish) resided within Secwepemcu'lecw in the North Shuswap. Setétkwe is Tara's first full music video, completed with Wapikoni during the 2019 Splatsin workshop. Previous work with Wapikoni, included recording two original hand drum songs and one song with rattle. Tara's traditional name means “Rainbow Painted Woman”, and helps guide the way for the music that she receives and composes. Skulinz (shortened version of the full Secwepemctsin name) has been composing /receiving melodies and songs for over ten years. The songs contain messages and melodies that help with healing the human and re-remembering who we really are as a part of the symbiotic and harmonic relationship with our Mother. Including Secwepemctsin language is part of re-learning the language of the land, waters and culture. Skulinz looks forward to making and sharing more music and more videos to share the messages of healing, unity, and connection to the Tmicw (land), Sewllkwe (water), Newtes (wind), Skwekwis (sun/energy/fire). We are all One. It will take all of humanity to bring healing and to get back into right relationship with Mother Earth again.