Yonida Cayllahua Vásquez

Yonida Cayllahua Vásquez

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  • Community: Pérou
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This 19-year-old young woman lives in San Juan de Chito, one of the communities of the province of Vilcas Huamán, department of Ayacucho, Peru. A single mother, Yonida has a one-year-old baby, for whom she decided to drop from school while being in the secondary fourth grade. She currently lives with her parents and sisters, who help raising her child together. This was the first time Yonida took part in the audiovisual training process, where she worked actively and constructively among her colleagues to the production of this debut documentary. In 2014 Getrudina and Yonida tapped into their motivation and enthusiasm to create together this short film, Wankukuq Qaytu, emphasizing the value of the weavers in their community.