(16/60 Morning Story) حكاية الصّباح 16/60

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Anwar Hammadin, Awatef Hammadin, Nadia Hammadin

  • Original title : (16/60 Morning Story) حكاية الصّباح 16/60
  • Duration : 01:53
  • Year : 2018
  • Genre : Documentary, Poetic
  • Community : Sateh al-Bahar
  • Nation : Bedouin


A 16-year-old tells compares her morning routine with that or her 60-year-old grandmother.

Film crew

Starring Anwar Hammadin and Rafia Hammadin (Um Ali)

Written and directed by: Anwar Hammadin, Awatef Hammadin, Malak Hammadin, Nadia Hammadin camera: Nadia Hammadin, Raghad Mukarker editing: Anwar Hammadin, Awatef Hammadin, Ghadeer Hammadin, Raghad Mukarker sound recording: Guillaume Collin, Raghad Mukarker narration: Anwar Hammadin filmmaker-mentors: Guillaume Collin, Raghad Mukarker media trainer: Saed Karzoun project coordinator: Mona Zidany local coordinator: Jameel Hammadin production assistant: Raed Abu Ghosh