Mirada de mujer (A woman’s perspective)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Rosa María Sulca Pomahuacre

  • Original title : Mirada de mujer (A woman’s perspective)
  • Duration : 07:15
  • Year : 2013
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Hercomarca
  • Nation : Quechua
  • Workshop : Peru


Violence against Aboriginal women is a harsh reality that still occurs in communities, a practice that restricts the full exercise of their fundamental rights and freedoms. "Mirada de mujer" tells the story of Rosa Maria, mother of three, who has faced and overcome the domestic violence she and her children were victims of.

Film path

Skábmagovat Film Festival – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival (Finland, 2015)

Festival de Cine La Imagen de los Pueblos (Ecuador, 2014)

Festival Présence autochtone (Canada, 2014)

Film crew

Director Rosa María Sulca Pomahuacre In  Collaboration with the Wapikoni mobile team and CLACPI Participation Rosa María Sulca Pomahuacre, Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca, Liliana Paulo Sulca, Rocio Irene Sulca Pomahuacre Camera and Sound recording Kevin Claus Paullo Sulca, Soledad Carrasco Sanchez Editing Francois Laurent Music Loneliness – Frozen Silence Filmmaker Mentor Francois Laurent Production Coordinator Solidad Carrasco Sanchez Thanks to La communauté de San Martin de Hercomarca, Les dirigeants de San Martin de Hercomarca, Les communicateurs autochtones quechuas de Vilcashuamam