• Filmmaker(s) :

    Haylee Nottaway

  • Original title : AIRSTRIP - UPROOTING A NATION
  • Duration : 03:30
  • Year : 2014
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Kitigan Zibi
  • Nation : Anishnabe
  • Workshop : Kitigan Zibi


On the unceded Anishnabe territory sits an old abandoned airstrip. Built without the consent of the Anishnabe people, this airstrip becomes a metaphor for Haylee to address clear cutting and the impacts it has on her family's traditional lifestyle.

Film crew

Written and Directed by Haylee Nottaway With the Collaboration of the Wapikoni Mobile Team Boom Operator Charlene McConini, Clark Ferguson, Emilie Monnet Camera Charlene McConini, Clark Ferguson, Philippe David Gagné Voice Recording Craig Commanda Editing Clark Ferguson, Philippe David Gagné Filmmakers Mentors Clark Ferguson, Philippe David Gagné Youth Outreach & Training Assistant Emilie Monnet Assistant Filmmaker Craig Commanda Local Coordinator Charlene McConini