À L'ONU - LE WAPIKONI MOBILE PREND PAROLE (At The UN - Wapikoni mobile speaks out)


On May 30th 2013, the young Anishnabe filmmaker, Emilio Wawatie, represented Wapikoni mobile at the UN. A truly memorable moment!

Film path

Musée du Quai Branly (2015) 

PLURAL + and UNAOC, DVD ONU (2015) 

Amnistie internationale Canada francophone (2014) 

Festival Présence autochtone (2014) 

La Fabrique culturelle (2014)

Film crew

Direction Wapikoni Mobile Team With Emilio Wawatie, Melissa Mollen Dupuis, Nahka Bertrand, Mylène Guay Camera Alexandra Guité, Mélanie O’Bomsawin Editig Zach Jean-Pierre Sound Mixing Daniel Toussaint Music “Piano Improvisation 9”, “Piano Improvisation 4” and “First View From Your Shell” by Alex Bailey Special Thanks to Jocelyn Formsma for her collaboration and support