Co-Wreck the Record


Film crew

Co-Director Raymond Caplin, Naomi Condo, Christopher Grégoire-Gabriel, Craig Commanda Concordia Team | Course Producer Kester Dyer  Course Designer and Lead Instructor Liz Miller Studio Instructor JA. Bautista-Beauchesne Multimedia Instructor AJ Cordeiro Instructor & Editing Consultant Simone Lucas Instructors Matt Soar , Rebecca Lane Waldie, Marylin Sugiarto Technical Supervisor Douglas Hollingworth Consultant Marco Luna Thanks to Karl Hele, Jason Lewis, Elizabeth Fast, Ezra Winton, Sonia Bonspille Boileau Thanks to Our Sponsors Concordia Documentary Centre, Department of Communication Studies, Department of Journalism, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia Residence Life Office, Concordia Enrolment Services, Concordia Store, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council