• Filmmaker(s) :

    Keith Whiteduck

  • Original title : COMMANDUCK
  • Duration : 05:47
  • Year : 2016
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Community : Kitigan Zibi
  • Nation : Anishnabe
  • Workshop : Kitigan Zibi


Local band Commanduck made it big with their first album, but their contract stipulates that they won’t get paid until they release a second one. To get back at their label, they decide to make the worst album in history… but can they even succeed? The screenplay for this film was inspired by real life predicaments experienced by many artists, such as Lou Reed, and outlines the grim reality of musicians who are too often subjected to the nasty reality of the business aspects of music.

Film crew

Written and Directed by Keith Whiteduck In Collaboration With Wapikoni Mobile team Participation Keith Whiteduck, Craig Commanda, Rory Commanda, Mathieu Buzzetti-Melançon Camera and Sound Recording Priscillia Piccoli, Serge Maheu, Keith Whiteduck, Craig Commanda Editing and Sound Editing Serge Maheu, Priscillia Piccoli, Keith Whiteduck Music Migraine Composed by Keith Whiteduck Performed And Recorded by Commanduck Illustration (Band Logo) John Tenasco Local Coordinator Clara Decontie Filmmaker Mentor Assistant Craig Commanda Filmmaker Mentors Serge Maheu, Priscillia Piccoli Youth Outreach Worker and Training Assistant Mathieu Buzzetti-Melançon