Nanameshkueu (Earthquake)


Mixing visual experimentation and poetry, this celebration of Innu culture describes the transition from tradition to modernity.


  • 2011 - “Main Film” Young Hope Award - Présence autochtone Festival, Montreal
  • 2011 - Best Canadian Short Film - Planet in Focus Festival, Toronto

Film crew

Screewriting Réal Junior Leblanc Participants Maeva Leblanc, Deaven Junior Leblanc, Denise Leblanc, Francis Leblanc Poem Written and Read byRéal Junior Leblanc Camera Réal Junior Leblanc Editing and Visual Treatment Karine Van Ameringen Subtitling Aude Maltais-Landry Local Coordinator Réal Junior Leblanc Filmmaker Mentors Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, Karine Van Ameringen Community Outreeach & Assistant Filmmaker Mentor Aude Maltais-Landry