Face à face (Face to Face)


Born in Sherbrooke in 1984, the filmmaker and musician Frederic Cheezo is a Quebecer with Anishnabe origins. He grew up in Louvicourt, near Val-d'Or, and then settled in Magog. At the age of 19, he became an itinerant and for three years he wandered between Quebec city and Montreal, but carried on dedicating himself to his three passions: music, film and skateboarding. These difficult years allowed him to found Karmagedon, a grind metal band, with his friend Josh Amendula. He uses this music to express his grief and helplessness regarding his Aboriginal reality. Later, Frederic returns to his roots by joining the Buffalo Hat Singers, a group of traditional and contemporary drummers .


  • 2015 - "First Prize" of the "3, 2, 1… Passion" contest - Sponsored by the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, Quebec

Film crew

A film written and directed by Fred Cheezo In collaboration with The Wapikoni Mobile team As himself, a homeless Fred Cheezo The businessman Eric Benton The security officer Pierre Houle The secretary Laurence Baillargeon The cashier Litta Ounnarath The children Chogan A. Cheezo, Taïjara A. Cheezo The drummer Éric Côté The extras Jodie Chauvet, Isabelle Gagné, Nancy Trudeau Director of Photography Martin Bouchard Camera Emilio Wawatie, Patricia Chica, Fred Cheezo, Craig Commanda, Alexis Fortier Gauthier Sound and Studio recording Craig Commanda Make-up Mary Martinelli Editing Patricia Chica Music Fred Cheezo, Karmaggedon Color correction and Sound editing Patricia Chica Filmmaker Mentors Patricia Chica, Alexis Fortier Gauthier Filmmaker Mentors Assistants Craig Commanda, Emilio Wawatie Intern and Set Photographer Cliver Perez Rojas Coordinator Laurence Baillargeon, Audrey Campeau Thanks («meegwect») Peggy from the foster family, the Native Friendship Center of Montreal, Félix from Studio du fond de chez Ketch café, Karmaggedon, Buffalo Hat Singers, Mum, dad and the whole family for the inspiration, Jodie Chauvet, Pierre Houle, Éric Benton, Martin Bouchard, Patricia Chica and Alexis Fortier Gauthier, the Wapikoni team and all the people I have forgotten to mention, thank you!