Gilles Vigneault Kaskanatshu (Gilles Vigneault, the Man who Came from the Waves)


The great Natashquan storyteller Gilles Vigneault tells Innu children about an exceptional event. He is nicknamed “Kaskanatshu” in Innu, which means the man who came from the waves because the first Acadians the Innu met were high sea fishermen.

Film crew

Producer Manon Barbeau Director Germaine Mestenapéo In Collaboration with the Wapikoni Team Camera Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux Editing Pascal Plante Sound Recording Pascal Plante Original Music Gens du pays and Le reel des Béris (Gilles Vigneault) Filmmaker Mentors Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux Youth Outreach Workers Chantal Gascon, Daphnée Malec Filmmaker Mentors Assistant James Warren Wapistan Local Coordinator Daphnée Malec