In the forest, Erik finds a magical tv!


  • 2010 - Astral Public Award - Awarded during the annual Wapikoni mobile launching event

Film crew

Original Concept Érik Papatie Camera Sid-Otis Cheezo, Chad Jordan, Nottaway Mitchell, Kerry Wabanonik, Lucus Penosway, Tadji Editing Anna Woch, Érik Papatie Sound Lucus Penosway, Tadji, Riddick Papatie-Gunn, Anna Woch Music Mom's House by Ron Walker, Free as a Chicken Wing by BertycoX Assistants Kesley Wabanonik, Melody Salt Local Coordinator Lucus Penosway Filmmaker Mentors Anna Woch, Louis Fontaine Youth Outreach Worker Marie-Alexandre Kérouac