Good Friday

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Darrell McBride

  • Original title : Good Friday
  • Duration : 07:52
  • Year : 2016
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Community : Timiskaming
  • Nation : Anishnabe
  • Workshop : Timiskaming


A group of College students make a beer run they will forever regret!

Film crew

Directed by Darrell A. McBride In Collaboration with The Wapikoni Team Participation Keith McCue, Tiffany Murphy, Keesic Douglas, Chris Gosselin, Dana McLeod, Jayda Moore, Bobbie Joe, Wayne McKenzie, Monica Thivierge, Michael Goulet Aylwin, Chantale Gascon, Dakota Polson, Liam McCue, Oliver King, Renal Dufour Camera François Laurent, Darrell McBride, Dakota Polson Sound Dakota Polson, Keesic Douglas, Monica Thivierge, Darrell McBride Editing Darrel McBride, François Laurent Makeup Nicholas Rodgers Filmmaker Mentors François Laurent, Keesiz Douglas Youth Outreach Worker Chantale Gascon