Itepan ko noko

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Mariana Niquay-Ottawa

  • Original title : Itepan ko noko
  • Duration : 05:22
  • Year : 2019
  • Genre : Music video
  • Community : Manawan
  • Nation : Atikamekw
  • Workshop : Manawan


Song paying tribute to the musician’s grandmother’s faith. Spirituality and prayer were of the utmost importance to her kokom, in order to avoid being touched by the evil kokotce, an Atikamekw mythical creature.

Film crew

Starring: Mariana Niquay—Ottawa, June Ottawa-Flamand, Maybelle Flamand-Pttawa, Priscilla Flamand, Any Ottawa, Lydiana Moar-Dubé, Jacqueline Flamand-Ottawa Production: Wapikoni Written by: Mariana Niquay-Ottawa Directed by: Mariana Niquay-Ottawa in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera: Élisa Moar, Mélina Quitich-Niquay, Jos Onimskiw Ottawa Dubé Editing: Mariana Niquay Ottawa Sound Recording: Mariana Niquay-Ottawa Original Music: Mariana Niquay-Ottawa Filmmaker Mentors: Nils Caneele, Élisa Moar Youth Outreach Worker: David Lalonde Assistant Filmmaker: Mélina Niquay-Quitich Local Coordinator: Mailys Flamand