Kir Nictes (My Brother)


On April 8, 2015, Guy-Michel hopped on a snowmobile to go to his cabin… and never came back. This song is a tribute to a friend, a brother.

Film crew

Producer: Manon Barbeau Director: José-Noël Chachai in collaboration with the Wapikoni Mobile team Camera: Patrick Lapierre Editing: Patrick Lapierre Sound Recording: Maxime Girard Original Music: Tipatcimo (José-Noël Chachai) Filmmaker-Mentors: Maxime Girard, Patrick Lapierre Youth Outreach Worker: Véronique Gosselin Assistant-Filmmaker: Jimmy Neilan Clary Local Coordinator: Eden Mallina Awashish, Martine Denis-Damée 


José-Noël Chachai on guitar

Franco S. Chachai on bass

Jonas Elie Dubé on drums