La fille dans le bois (The Girl in the Forest)


A group of girls decides to perform a forbidden ritual in a forest haunted by a vengeful soul. The situation turns into a nightmare.

Film crew

Director Steffie Ottawa-Dubé In Collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile  team Director Assistant Kevin Flamand Script Kim-Mya Flamand, Steffi Ottawa-Dubé Participation Peggy-Ann Ottawa, Dahlia Quitich, Marie-Soleil Moar, Steffi Ottawa-Dubé, Kim-Mya Flamand, Catherine Petiquay Camera Peggy-Ann Ottawa, Dahlia Quitich Sound Recording Kim-Mya Flamand, Dahlia Quitich, Marie-Soleil Moar Editing Steffi Ottawa-Dubé Local Coordinator Anthony Quitich-Ottawa Filmmaker Mentors Nils Caneele, Victoria Catherine Chan Youth Outreach Worker David Lalonde