Lac Abitibi (Lake Abitibi)

  • Filmmaker(s) :

    Mélanie Kistabish

  • Original title : Lac Abitibi (Lake Abitibi)
  • Duration : 15:23
  • Year : 2005
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Pikogan
  • Nation : Anishnabe
  • Workshop : Pikogan


While remembering her grandmother, Mélanie Kistabish is wondering about her origins. Before the Canadian Aboriginal Law and before children went to mandatory boarding schools, the Abitibi Lake was a gathering place for Anishnabes. In this short film, Mélanie relates for us the Lake Abitibi's past and reminisces a past long forgotten. .

Film crew

With Emilien Larochelle, André Mowatt, Major Kistabish, Mélanie Kistabish Creative Support Eza Paventi Camera Éric Pien, Eza Paventi Editing Eza Paventi Original Music Jacques Newashish, Annie Winaskoch Local Coordinator Brandon Ruperthouse Filmmaker Mentors Eza Paventi, Martin-Pierre Tremblay