Lettre à mon passé


Film crew

Director Mélina Quitich-Niquay In Collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile team Narration Mélina Quitich-Niquay Participation Mélina Quitich-Niquay, Shanon Dubé, Wikwasa Newashish-Petiquay, Mathis Ottawa, Hugo Ottawa, Jean-Marc Flamand, Dalya-Kate Moar-Stubbert Camera Mélina Quitich-Niquay Camera Assistant Mathis Ottawa Sound Recording Shaïna Niquay, Shannon Dubé Editing Mélina Quitich-Niquay Sound Editing Mélina Quitich-Niquay, Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne Local Coordinator and Filmmaker Mentor Assistant Jemmy Echaquan-Dubé Filmmaker Mentor Julie Anne Bautista-Beauchesne, Nils Caneele Youth Outreach David Lalonde