The Life of Our Land

  • Filmmaker(s) :


  • Original title : The Life of Our Land
  • Duration : 05:37
  • Year : 2019
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Community : Jordan
  • Nation : Jordan
  • Languages available:
  • arabe


The Life our Land takes us on a agricultural journey in Ajloun, from the sowing of tiny seeds to the baking of Arabic bread. We see the traditional methods of the Jordanian farmer; the way our people lived before modern technology and globalization, the intrinsic bond between the land and our lives. We are immersed in the quiet work of our ancestors, accompanied by the traditional music that characterizes our community. 

This film is a compelling work, full of joy and passion, made by young ambitious Jordanian women and men. We are reminded of the land that sustains us, and of our connection to the people that were here before us, and those who will come after we are gone.